Essentials – Six

This week we will be making a more joyous, albeit still weighty, topic today compared to former weeks.

Turn in your copy of God’s Word to Psalm 34:8.

It goes like this:

“Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!”

This verse is incredibly full of doctrine, truth, and joy. This scripture evokes joyous emotions for my Father, but read on and let’s investigate why this verse is so awe-inspiring.

I am reminded of two things from this passage, that God’s goodness appeals to our senses, and God’s goodness is the source of our blessing.

Firstly, I thank God every day He chooses to reveal Himself to us. I know God doesn’t have to; He chooses to reveal Himself to further our understanding Him and to show His great love for us. Seeing as how we are sensing beings, a way God must reveal Himself to us in a way we will understand is through our senses.

God’s goodness is visceral – it is deeply felt, for it must be deeply felt.

God saved us for Himself, He made us a people for himself, He bestowed upon us grace upon grace, knowing we could offer nothing in return. God is good. He could never be anything but good. I relish the thought of tasting and seeing the Lord is good, experiencing His goodness on more than a thought-level. God’s goodness is felt and experienced in us in our innermost feelings. So did the writer undoubtedly reflect when he wrote this psalm.

God’s goodness is also the source of our blessing. Where God doles blessing, it is carefully thought out to give us the best possible benefit, not a worldly benefit, but a benefit that will cause us to reflect on His goodness and reflect the majesty of His great name. James wrote that He is the giver of all good and perfect gifts, I myself would call these things blessings! If it is good, perfect, and comes from God, I want it. I want all of it, and I want it to the full capacity of my senses. Remembering God is the source of all of our blessing, our refuge, leads us to deeper worship and reverence for Him.

Deeply feeling His goodness leads us to respond. Remembering He is the generous giver of gifts, all of our blessing, inspires us to act.

How will you respond to knowing God is good?

Come, taste, see, feel, hear, experience the goodness of the Lord. Rest in that goodness, and let that goodness push you to obedience, for holy, righteous obedience is our only rightful response to the revelation of the full goodness of God.

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